Remix packages can really make or break a song. A good set can extend its shelf life by giving DJs new material to play in their sets. A good set of remixes should also be in a variety of genres, to help bring in a new audience. The remixes for Robbie Rivera’s new track do just that and more. “A World Without You,” the collaboration with Stonebridge ft. Denise Rivera, gave life to four dope remixes, which you can hear for the first time below.

Robbie not only made the original track, but contributes his own Juicy Dub to the package too. The dub’s unique sound is due largely to the horn lingering in the back giving “A World Without You” a pure Miami vibe. While a prominent like the horn would normally be distracting, Rivera does best to make it compliment the rest of the track rather than over feature it.

Roger Sanchez and Robbie Rivera have gone hand in hand over the years for having similar styles. Sanchez’s alternate moniker S-Man has the first remix, which stays true to that underground house sound. Instead of using the high range vocals of Denise Rivera, S-Man lowers the pitch to give make the bass-rich track more underground.

Benny Benassi is also featured on the remix package and brings are grittier, electro vibe to “A World Without You.” The legendary Italian producer does well to contrast the delicate breakdown with an fat, electro-synth drop. This remix fits with Benny Benassi’s legacy of hard-hitting club tracks that work well to energize any dance floor.

Less Hate closes out the quartet with a remix that serves as almost a middleman between Benny and Roger’s remixes. He uses Denise’s vocals the most to create the most traditional house remix of the four, with a classic use of piano and a plucky bassline.

The remix package for “A World Without You” will be in stores Monday, November 16.