Producer, tastemaker, and CEO – Gary Richards, the HARDfather, can do it all. Richards, better known as his stage name, Destructo, is not your typical dance music artist, rather he is one of the most unique producers in the space because of his lengthy experience in the dance music scene and the internationally recognized brand that he has built in HARD, which he uses to introduce the mainstream to select underground styles. With his Destructo persona, Richards has done the same, trying his hand at the g-house sound that CUFF head honchos, Amine Edge & DANCE, have championed around the world on his West Coast EP, and now, he’s giving the world a glimpse of the early days of 90s acid house with his most recent single, “Techo.”

Destructo builds the track around the sample, “nobody listens to techno,” a reference to Eminem’s iconic 2002 hit, “Without Me.” Minimalistic, sawing synths come together with the thick, acid house squeal of the Roland-303s that defined electronic music in the early 90s for a heavy-hitting lesson in the history dance music. “Techno” is up as a free download, so get it here.