Do good, and look damn sexy while doing so. DIFF Eyewear gives you the ability to achieve just that and so much more. Sounding familiar? The fresh and socially conscious sunglass company has recently taken the EDM world by storm, and not just because of their involvement in over 20 of the largest festivals out there.

The creators of DIFF Eyewear were bound together through their love of electronic dance music to create the most affordable, fashionable and charitable sunglass company we’ve yet to see. Determined to unite the EDM community through giving back, and of course with ridiculously good fashion, DIFF Eyewear recently teamed up with the non-profit, Eyes on Africa. Now, with each and every pair of sunglasses you PURCHASE through DIFF, you’re donating a pair of reading glasses to someone in rural Africa.


Through making reading glasses available to African communities at large, who have little to no access to vision care, we can help people perform tasks that are imperative to their livelihood. The eyeglasses provided improve the quality of life on every level.

Sound too good to be true? Just wait, there’s more. A lot more. While simultaneously supporting a globally aware company, you’re acquiring top-quality shades at a price that wont burn holes through your pockets. At only $40 dollars, the glasses you obtain have every high-quality aspect designer brands have and more; but for less than half the price. As they say, “exceptional shades are no longer just for the wealthy!”


Fear not though. Just because your pockets will still be feeling heavy and your heart will be feeling lighter, the fashion aspect of these stunna’ shades does not suffer in the slightest.


The DIFF Eyewear sunglasses ranges from everyday-wear to party-wear with an abundance of different styles, frames and lenses, that anyone, and I mean anyone, could find a pair perfectly suited just for them. Although I tend to be attracted to the more flamboyant styles, even the simpler sunglasses embodied a fun yet elegant appearance that I will for sure be rocking at future festivals!


But heres the game changer: all of DIFF Eyewear glasses are uni-sex. And to my delight, they can actually be considered uni-sex. After multiple tests on both genders with a variety of different styled glasses, I can safely say DIFF succeeded at creating designs that look good on both men and women, a rarity in the eyewear industry!


Loaded with supreme quality, affordable pricing, fashion and charity, DIFF Eyewear is sure to continue to spread like wildfire amongst our EDM community. A socially responsible company made by EDM lovers, for EDM lovers, surely has Your EDM‘s stamp of approval. So make sure to join the mission and check out DIFF Eyewear‘s WEBSITE now!

Check out more information about DIFF Eyewear & Eyes On Africa Charity Introduction below: