Sadly, a Republican who likes EDM is not the most ludicrous comment coming out of the GOP in recent weeks.

In a recent interview with CNN, junior United States Senator Marco Rubio revealed that he not only listens to dance music, but he actually appreciates and respects it. His interviewer gives him quite the side eye (“Party music?!”) when says it, and continues to be baffled when he uses Tiësto as an example. It’s hard to believe that a conservative Republican like Rubio would dare to open his mouth and align himself with a culture that’s anything but straight-laced (he opposes legalizing weed and gay marriage), but Rubio is from Miami, a major hub for EDM.

While I doubt we’ll be seeing him popping bottles at LIV anytime soon, I don’t mind temporarily entertaining the thought that Rubio uses Tiësto’s tracks as his rally music. Who knows? Maybe Tiësto could be the first DJ to play the Inaugural Ball if Rubio somehow wins the election in 2016.

We wouldn’t have pegged Marco Rubio as a Tiësto fan, but he is. More from Jamie Gangel’s interview with the GOP presidential hopeful:

Posted by New Day on Monday, October 26, 2015