Open up your communications array, explorers of the musical cosmos; the messiah of weird himself has sent us a message! That’s right, the one and only Space Jesus is back from the outer rim with excellent news: his debut album, Close Encounters, is mere days from seeing its release on New York’s Smokers Cough imprint. The album features 13 original tracks (including collaborations with Soohan, B-Riddimz, and more) as well as stellar remixes from GDP, Esseks, and Bleep Bloop. And best of all, you can get an exclusive first listen right here, right now.

A staple of his live sets, ‘Infinite Extravagance’ can almost be called the quintessential Space Jesus track. Thick, chunky sub-bass is effortlessly fused with guttural, honking synths and thumping 808s, with vocals from GDP floating in and out of the arrangement like comets through our atmosphere. Although the track runs a bit short at less than two minutes of play-time, it’s certainly sweet enough to keep you coming back for multiple listens; and hey, if punk rock taught us anything, it’s that short songs are freakin’ tight. If you’re looking for a little added depth, though, there’s also a fantastically irreverent and appropriately extravagant music video to accompany the track. In the words Space Jesus:

My friend Pipus created the footage in this video. He showed it to me one of the first times we met and I instantly loved it. This was before the footage had any music to it, and Pipus asked me if I’d be interested in scoring it. I was super psyched to take on this project…I had the video footage on one screen, while making the music directly along to it on another screen. It was an awesome collab and we’ve made tons of videos together since…(i.e.: The Weed video and many more.)

The video for ‘Infinite Extravagance’ can be found after the jump, so be sure to check it out! And before your mind melts completely after watching it, we highly recommend purchasing the full album; you can do so here. Happy listening, space cadets.


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