We’re not quite sure what Daft Punk are actually doing right now. Rumors are circulating, as they tend to do, of a return tour next year, culminating in a Coachella performance in 2017. Since their venture in TIDAL has all but fallen flat, it seems they’re returning to the tried and true method of releasing more merchandise – you know, as opposed to music.

We’ve written up Daft Punk merchandise explosions before, and doing it again only serves to remind us all that we really haven’t heard a peep from them sinceĀ Random Access Memories.

They’re keeping up with the ’80s aesthetic, as is their brand. Items include pins, a pen, clothes, a hat, a frisbee, a Yo-Yo (for $18), and more. For the right price, you could put Daft Punk’s brand on anything and call it official merch by the look of it. (Just don’t let their lawyers find out.)

You can check out some of the newest additions on their website here.

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