RiFF RAFF proves to be one of hip-hop’s most polarizing figures, but his success is undeniable, enough to earn him regular appearances in the EDM realm of music. Artists often remix his track with varying results, but a new remix from an established producer and a hot up-and-comer may very well go down as not only a great RiFF RAFF remix, but one of the best remixes of 2015.

Mr. Carmack and Orlando native BIG MAKK paired up to remix RiFF RAFF’s “TiP TOE WiNG IN MY JAWWDiNZ”, and as opposed to chalking up a typical trap remix, the two producers dared to take the track in a futuristic, psychedelic direction. More future bass than trap, this remix warps RiFF RAFF’s vocals all over the place, lowering it to deep growls and bringing it back up to flow with a brief, sugary sweet synth. Designed for bass-ready speakers and a slightly trippy party, Mr. Carmack and BIG MAKK’s remix earns a thumbs-up from us.

Listen to the remix below, and hit the “Download Here” button to add the remix to your library: