It has been just days since the release of Justin Bieber’s highly anticipated Purpose, and the pop-star is enjoying more success than ever before. He recently sat down with NME, conducting an interesting interview that many are not pleased about. Bieber spoke about some of his mentors, revealing just how influential they are to him.

The Biebs opened up about his recent BFF Skrillex, claiming he has an impeccable but “unorthodox” approach to production. He looks up to Sonny’s ability to create music that may take some time getting used to, unafraid to venture on the ‘different’ side of things. He also mentioned working with rapper Kanye West, claiming that the hip-hop mogul has given him priceless advice that he really takes to heart. With the support of greats like Skrillex and Kanye, it’s no surprise that Bieber has remained at the top for so long. However, what really has people’s attention is the comparison he made during the interview between his music and that of legendary icons, The Beatles.

When discussing his latest hit “Sorry,” Bieber had this to say:

It’s like The Beatles’ ‘Let it Be’, it’s like, it’s simple melodies but it’s so effective and I think music right now is missing simple and effective…

It’s definitely a bold move comparing yourself to The Beatles, but (objectively speaking) Bieber is one of the closest things we have to a modern-day John Lennon. Do you think he’s being too generous to himself? Or is “Sorry” really a simplistic masterpiece that can rival “Let It Be“? Follow the links to check them out and compare for yourself!

And check out the NME interview below!