This year, Coachella added 360 support for their streaming and it was a total blast. Instead of being stuck staring at a stage, fans were able to become immersed in the experience, and could even creep on some unsuspecting people in the crowd… just like if you were there for real!

But unfortunately, most of that 360 coverage has been lost and hasn’t been uploaded to many platforms, if any. Thankfully, one man managed to sneak in a 360 camera rig and took it all the way up to the front of the Sahara Tent. According to Robert Scoble, he had the only 360 rig that wasn’t run by Coachella itself.

Check out the brief video below as he captures Deorro in staggering quality. Don’t forget to click and drag, and have fun!

Only Coachella “in the crowd” 360 video from 2015I have the only 360 video from the Sahara Tent at the famous Coachella Music Festival. Here you see Deorro performing.I had the only 360 degree rig that wasn’t run by Coachella itself (and the only Spherical one). Thanks Gopi Sangha for getting me in with my rig, see you next year!This is my first Facebook 360 video, hope you enjoy! Thanks Mark Zuckerberg and team for the ability to distribute 360-degree videos like this.Thanks to my employer, Rackspace Hosting, who urges me to do stuff like this and paid for my video gear and editing software (I’m a futurist there, and most of my videos are of new companies, and innovations — tomorrow I’ll be seeing a self-driving Mercedes Benz, for instance). We are helping many of the tech companies that meet at Coachella every year. More next year as I attend again.I’m working on another video right now of a real Silicon Valley startup that just won a CES innovation award. That will be up in a while. Unfortunately Facebook only lets me upload 10 minute videos at the moment using this 360-degree capability.

Posted by Robert Scoble on Sunday, November 15, 2015