Last week’s Mad Decent Boat Party experienced a tragic event right in the middle of the voyage that left attendees and performers more melancholic than they would have preferred. With the search for Kaylyn Sommer taking more than 24 hours out of the ship’s travel time, it was impossible for them to make port at Cozumel and make it back in the time allotted to the voyage.

Mad Decent said that they would be issuing refunds to attendees for the missed time in Mexico, but the results aren’t much to write home about. Against the rather steep price of the ticket, ranging between $1,000-2,000, refunds were a mere $57.47, according to TMZ and disappointed attendees.

Mad Decent and cruise representatives told TMZ that it was equal to the cost “of the cancelled excursion plus port taxes. Everything else is nonrefundable.”

For what it’s worth, most of the shipfam are taking it pretty well, and those that are complaining are getting shut down pretty quick. In fact, some are suggesting donating refunds to Kaylyn’s memorial fund, a particularly generous gesture.

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