How often is the blurred line of modern-day genre classification toppled down from its pillars through insurmountable musicality? When can we truly cleanse the unreasonable ‘laws’ of electronic artistry that adulterates true talent from its organic foundations, and crumble it so that natural born art can flourish? What exactly will it take before we as music listeners can rejoice in a world of cultured soundscape and the indescribable beauty of technologically-driven art?

….. The time is now. Here’s why:

New Zealand born sound engineer Koronis has shaken the boundaries of modern day music, with his brand new LP entitled The Replicant. With six tracks of indubitable mastery, this pioneer of the darker side of UK techstep aims to make his ambient footprint into the haunting side of drum and bass.

From the inception of the title track, “The Replicant,” you wouldn’t quite predict the masterful maturity of his amen breaks. You wouldn’t quite expect his carefully refined soundscape to compliment the drum loops with such precision. Yet as the sub bass flows into the mixdown like icing on a cake, the title tune justifies to all listening, exactly why it is.

On November 19th, Koronis will be unleashing his long-awaited album in an entirely new way. Through an art show that showcases his technological talent paralleled with his groundbreaking productions, Jesse Koronis will begin his journey into an uncharted territory of truly delicate passion.