Producers Homewrecker and William Crooks of The South East Grind have just pooled their talents to release a unique original track, “Warriors.” From jersey club to a deadly, slow trap rhythm, the song takes many forms throughout its length and serves as the perfect tune to return to during this holiday break. It’s currently available for free download here.

It begins with an exotic sample loop and an approaching snare roll. Quickly, the track swells upwards into a heavy, brass-fueled jersey beat complete with wide stabs of synth and pulls of strings. Suddenly the rhythm breaks into a half-time trap swayer before returning. After another rise, the track erupts into a full-fledged trap section. A monstrous snare and dynamic sub bass rest above an abrasive vocal cut and minimal percussion. The song ends with a continuation of the new tempo and a simple, new closing melody.

Click here to download the track for free!