Missy Elliot’s “WTF” slumps as it is, and Fight Clvb just threw their own spice on the mix. Upping the tempo into a toasty dance tune and exploiting the latin influence for all it’s worth, Fight Clvb’s remix pays proper homage to Missy Elliot’s latest.

Starting out as bona fide moombahton, “WTF” quickly digresses into a sparky bass house jam. The jouncing rhythm twists Missy’s vocals into a jungle-minded production, complementing the lyrics of the original mix with chopped samples and sautéed womps. A fully formed low-end supplements the honking synth lines and the percussion all feels rather earthy to round out this remix. I guarantee you’ll be hearing more of this gem in the future, and Fight Clvb has even released their “WTF” remix as a free download, so be sure to give the boys some love on their socials.