We’ve all had embarrassing moments. Whether you’re watching your crush and accidentally walk into a pole, or trying to tie your shoe and knee yourself in the fact, accidents happen. However, most of us have the good fortune to not be in front of a crowd of thousands of people who paid to see you perform.

DJs, though they generally experience a more lavish lifestyle than the average joe (if they’re a successful DJ), are also held to much higher scrutiny than an average person. On average, a DJ might play upwards of 75¬†shows a year – more, possibly, if they’re touring or have a new album/release. That’s a lot of pressure.

Kygo, in a story told to EDM.com, recounts one of his more embarrassing moments.

“One time I was playing at Landstreff, a festival in Stavanger, Norway. I just hopped on in front of 15,000 people and couldn’t have been any more excited. I then noticed an issue with the CDJ and asked my a manger to fix it. Before you knew it the music completely stopped and was dead silence in my home county. Turned out everything was completely [messed up] because the DJ before had left a button on that changed the settings.”

Kygo’s manager added that the DJ before him was, in fact, labelmate Thomas Jack.

It’s not uncommon for DJs to encounter mishaps on the road; how they react and deal with them is the most important thing.

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