Brillz: Twonk don, vape veteran, and lord of all that is black and flowing. Now that he’s conquered the fashion sense of the trap scene, Brillz is taking aim at the vape world. While smoking cigarettes ensures that you’ll be cast outside in the impending cold to suckle a cancer stick, vaping allows you to stay nice and cozy inside the venue while you weeble about to your favorite basslines. Only now, you can Twonk while you Twonk in a cloud of Twonk. That’s right, clouds of it.

Born from a covert development project between a world-class group of e-liquid mixologists and Brillz, feast your lungs on “Twonk Juice.” Their debut flavor “Jelly” is meticulously blended by the same artisanal geniuses responsible for the most highly-revered e-liquids on the planet. Here’s what vape industry insiders have to say about Jelly by Twonk Juice.

“Jelly has a simple flavor profile that makes it hard not to fall in love on your first draw: a delectable, gourmet strawberry jelly-filled donut that has just triumphantly exited a powdered sugar waterfall to deliver a unique taste like no other. It features a perfect balance of fresh strawberry jam-turned-jelly and creamy dough that’s risen to perfection”

We’ve yet to try it ourselves, but the reviews deem it a quality e-liquid that’s sure to satisfy. Stay tuned for updates regarding Brillz’ limited edition IO TWONK…