Savoy. Sah-voy. SAVOY! In case you’ve been sleeping on our favorite mind-blasting trio, the boys have just finished up a new EP, titled 1000 Years. Courtesy of Monstercat, the four-track release is all hi-fidelity space action, primed and ready for an interstellar journey to find Donald Trump’s common sense.

In all seriousness, 1000 Years is a worthy follow-up to 2014’s Self Predator, and boasts an incredible musical aptitude. Kicking off the EP is “Pump It Up,” an acid fueled assault twisted into a scorching trap jam. Sharp percussion elements flow in and out of the mix, and energetic filters slide into the breakdown’s vibrant lead. Floating into the next track are the atmospheric synth pads of “Your Time.” Brought to life with the vocal talent of Kiely, “Your Time” packs an emotive bassline overlain with wispy chimes and gated melodies to. The rippling guitar solo proves Savoy’s loyalty to their rock roots, and the tenderly crushed background has us nodding to the vibe of Daft Punk’s “Voyager.”

Next is an ode to synth rock glory of the 80’s with “Let You Let Me,” but only in spirit, its execution is all crisply pressed Savoy. The percussion, keyboard, and guitar arrangement is really what makes it so, and it all layers nicely with a stepped up breakdown to release the tension. And topping off the magic is “Love Is Killing Me,” definitely the most chilled out track of the EP. More lofty synth pads set the tone for Chali 2na’s sweeping lyrics, and arpeggiated pocks prep the track for the funkified bassline of the final drop. Overall, 1000 Years is bright, vivid, and sports a variety of influence in each of the four tracks.

To support the EP, Savoy has also announced a January tour. Along with support from a Crywolf live show, the tour will feature 15 stops through the Midwest, though it’s admittedly a bit harsh to leave out any West coast stop whatsoever. Still, fans can be sure that there will be plenty of Savoy happening throughout 2016, so no need to fret. I mean, we’re only talking about January here.

savoy tour dates w crywolf

Oh, Savoy also just wrapped up a Reddit AMA discussing everything from blunts to VSTs, and hinted at some upcoming material with Decadon. It looks like Savoy is firing on all fronts to make 2016 a beast of a year, and what are we to do but dance in elation.