Melbourne native Throttle, a self-described “dirty disco maker,” has just proven himself with a stunning and one-of-a-kind remix of the world famous Earth, Wind and Fire track “September.” At only 19 years old, Throttle is the very first artist to gain permission to use the original band members’ work. Using deadly disco rhythms and powerful punches of synth, Throttle is able to breathe new energy into the classic song while maintaining its unmistakable appeal and familiarity.

“Earth, Wind & Fire have long been my favorite band. I actually started the remix at the end of 2014 to distract me from my final high school exams. I worked on it for months then my manager Jon Hanlon worked his magic and got it approved as an official release on Ultra.”

Since its initial release nearly a month ago, the dance music community has been continuing to direct much deserved attention Throttle’s way. With support now coming in from such icons as Oliver Heldens, it’s clear that the Aussie producer is fated for a fast and healthy rise to fame.

“Dude…I’m blown away!! It’s my first Top 10 on Beatport and it’s still climbing. The support from guys like Oliver Heldens has been key in generating so much hype.”

Download your copy here!

Martin Garrix has also supported the track, adding it in his Spotify playlist in the last update.