2015 has been a stellar year for Skrillex. I don’t think I have to recount the scope of his accomplishments these past twelve months, so I’ll spare you the recap.

Earlier in the year, however, Skrillex mentioned the possibility of a followup album to Recess coming out in 2015. As we can see, that is not the case. But, that isn’t to say that he hasn’t been making new music. EDMChicago has unearthed two new leaks that are in pretty high quality – the first is one that was previously referred to as “Burning Man ID,” but is now being called “Call Him The Devil.” The second is an HQ rip of his collab with Wiwek, which has been known about for quite some time.

Neither track is particularly astonishing. Their quality as rips is not in question, as it seems that an audio track or two might even be missing from each track. They’re just not punchy enough, and there even seems to be an inordinate amount of empty space on the Wiwek collab, in particular.

You can judge for yourself below, but I wouldn’t count on these being up for too long.


via EDM Chicago