UPDATE 12/7 | Deadmau5 actually ended up responding to Fawks on Twitter, and was decently impressed with the flip. Let’s see where this goes…


After deadmau5’s marathon streaming session resulted in the powerful ballad “Imaginary Friends,” none other than Fawks has taken it upon himself to flip it into a drum & bass heater.

If you weren’t aware, Fawks began in drum & bass before turning his attention to more modern bass styles, but at the end of the day, you can leave drum & bass but drum & bass will never leave you … or something of the sort. Point is, Fawks makes brilliant use of the subtle and muted pads and synths that deadmau5 is so well known for, adding some perfect percussion to the mix, bumping up the BPM and turning it into a proper dancefloor tune.

Keep in mind, this is a flip and he didn’t have the stems, so all things considered, this is really good.


Image via Katie Kruger