Bassnectar’s website yesterday accidentally uploaded a page a day early, and it has fans in a tizzy.

The long and short of it is that in the leak, as part of a contest, it was “announced” that winners would receive “free weekend admission to next year’s ‘Bass Center 2016’ (2 full weekend VIP passes, plus camping).” In today’s official announcement, any mention of camping has been scrubbed from the website, press release, and Bassnectar’s Facebook post.

"leaked" image

“leaked” image

In other news, Bass Center 2016 is happening. We’re still awaiting details on venue and such, but fans should be hyped nonetheless. The chocolate bars have also sold out, in under 5 minutes.

It’s possible the festival will be held in Colorado. Considering Bassnectar’s own troubles with long-time venue Red Rocks, he might still harbor a feeling of connection with the state and its geography. However, this is nothing more than speculation at this point.