Every year people from around the world compete for the best Christmas light shows in all the land. From intriguing music-synced shows to flashy bright lights, Christmas fans around the world don’t hold back when it comes to making stunning visuals to impress the world.

This year, The Johnson family from Texas has put together a dubstep themed spectacle that is a must watch. With thousands of Christmas lights, the themed house was created for two reasons, to make their kids happy and to raise money for charity:

“The main reason that I do the light show is because of my kids. They are the age where they think it’s so cool and their friends think it’s cool. Their friends will come dance in the street.”

Mr. Johnson also explained why this year they decided to turn their event into a charity after increased pressure from his wife:

“The past several months, all she talks about is clean water and how many kids are dying from a lack of clean water,” Johnson said. “She’s already been wanting to do this and we’re just extending it to the light show. People are able to submit pledges via text message while they are watching the show and see real-time updates of each night’s pledges”

Check out the video below and make sure to donate to the cause HERE: