The Twonk Di Nation tour has been going for about a half a month now, and it has already shown some extremely impressive results. Between sets from Willy Joy, Ghastly, Party Favor, and head honcho Brillz, there has been plenty to talk about both on and off the stage.

The tour released the first episode of the tour recap today, and this is not your typical video. Cutting between stage performances, tour bus antics, and just general frivolity, it paints a picture of a close-knit family that just has way too much fun.

Party Favor tries to teach Willy Joy how to properly jump on a table; Ghastly and Brillz learn how to ‘kaboosh’; tour manager Feeney talks shit about his artists; and the tour bus breaks down. This isn’t your average recap, this is a story in the making and Twonk is the perfect narrator.