ETC!ETC!, other than having a name that is awful for journalists to type, has established himself within a sphere of DJ/producers that can pull hits out of their ass whenever they want, but choose to sit back and release on a more infrequent schedule. Knowing their true capabilities, fans can sometimes become frustrated.

But finally, ETC!ETC! is releasing a new EP on Dim Mak called Wicked, and this tune, “Colossal,” perfectly sums it up. Taking heavy influence from the festival style of trap, ETC!ETC! puts his own characteristic flair on the tune with a minimal bassline and over-the-top lead synth that just works. Ricky Remedy also lends his own talents to the track, taking what could have been any other ETC!ETC! tune and really upping the ante.

Expect this one to destroy dancefloors and blow speakers wide open.

Fans can click the shopping cart logo in the Soundcloud above to enact a free download via ToneDen.