According to a recent email from the Colorado Tourism Department, event organizers are considering hosting a new, undisclosed music festival in the state. Could the festival in question be Bassnectar’s Bass Center 2016?

The organizers are scoping a 400-acre location to support parking, camping, and festival grounds for an approximate attendance of 65,000 for each of its proposed four days. Emphasis is being put on finding a natural setting away from cities and man-made venues, but within three hours of Denver International Airport and with access to nearby hotels.

Lorin has given us plenty of hints that he’ll be throwing some kind of branded event in 2016, and the recent leak on Bassnectar’s website included “camping” as part of the golden ticket prize. Also, if you had any doubts on Colorado being the likely state, look at this tweet he threw out in the midst of his Red Rocks tizzy a couple months ago.

Though details are still unconfirmed, evidence is leaning heavily toward Colorado being the location of Bass Center 2016. Stay tuned for more updates as they become available.


H/T Hey Reverb | Image via aLive Coverage