Health concerns in regards to music festivals have been a hot topic lately, as the number of fatalities have put a pervasive gloom over our ordinarily-glowing community. Most recently, two deaths were reported in a week’s span during the renowned Australian tour, Stereosonic. Adelaide’s City Councillor, Anne Moran, is determined to provide a safer environment for dance music festivals, and this movement should act as a watershed for other countries and city governments.

Since it is borderline impossible to completely prevent festival-goers from abusing drugs, Moran wants to forbid music festivals from taking place during bouts of extreme weather.

“We can’t be so naive to think that having a zero-tolerance policy (towards drugs) will work,” Moran explained to the Herald Sun. “There needs to be a review into what can be done to reduce the risk of another death.”

The proposal entails a cancellation or rescheduling of festivals that fall on days above 35 degrees Celsius (95 degrees Fahrenheit), and frankly, I’m all for it. With today’s extensive weather-predicting technology, it shouldn’t be too difficult for festival promoters to reschedule with plenty of time in advance, and consequently for foreign attendees to plan their traveling dates around it. Safety should be priority number one in the current state of ever-so-popular music festivals, and this is a magnificent step in achieving it.


Image Source: Herald Sun