My first time seeing Infected Mushroom was at Avalon Hollywood in Los Angeles, on a cold winter night, but the inside of the club was anything but. Steaming with hundreds of bodies in unison, as the Israeli band performed their live set, it was one of the defining moments in my electronic music chronicles that really ignited my love for live EDM.

Four years later, I’m seeing them for the fifth time again at Avalon Hollywood, but this time will be a little different…

If you weren’t aware, the duo just released their tenth studio album, a sequel to 2003’s Converting Vegetarians. Aside from being one of the finer albums of 2015, it’s a clear callback to the group’s days of psytrance, before their expanded their repertoire to include heavier bass and rock elements. And in order to convey that, Infected Mushroom will be performing two sets on the 19th – a CVII almost acoustic live set, and an Animatronica live set.

To date, I’ve seen their traditional live set twice, and their Fungusamongus set twice. I haven’t yet seen an Animatronica or an “almost acoustic” set, but I’m nearly shaking in my boots with anticipation. Tickets are still available via the link below; get an idea of their acoustic set from the video below.



Image via Facebook