When you imagine music festivals of the drum and bass variety, a select few should immediately ring a bell. Theming from the legendary festival Let It Roll, Rido & Counterstrike present their exclusive music video in celebration of one of the most weighty tunes of the summer, and through the notorious Let It Roll label. Aptly named, this song is apart of a 3 track EP including “New Chapter (Part 1 & 2)” and “Let It Roll.”

While being from the states has its perks, we also have to deal with the FOMO of having to view videos as epic as this, for festivals we may never attend (until we finally take the leap across the pond). As I began my first glimpse into the world of this wondrous festival, the fear of missing out immediately set in. Feeling shackled to my lonely California office space, Rido & Counterstrike shook the metaphorical cage I sit in, as I witnessed thousands of raging fans head bang their necks off to a song no one in their right mind could sit still to. What a rush. Through brilliantly textured bass lines and masterfully-tuned drum loops, ignited by the ominous voice dictating those three words, the three smashed this one to pieces.

Without any further ado, here is the glorious video of Rido & Counterstrike’s “Let It Roll.”

You can purchase the entire EP here.