Over the past four years, since the very first compilation album, Monstercat has grown from a promotional YouTube channel into one of the strongest branded labels in all of EDM. With the release of their 25th compilation, some things are about to change.

With the help of artist petirep, the album artwork has been able to tell a story over the past four years, albeit one that doesn’t have a strict or defined plot. Fan theories have abounded, picking out small easter eggs within the images and callbacks to previous artworks. 025 is different.

monstercat story

This image from reddit clearly notes similar landmarks in both covers, and alludes to a continuous storyline. For the first time in 2016, the Monstercat compilations will be accompanied by a written portion. And better yet… Monstercat is going all the way back to the beginning.

Like I said earlier, fans have already put out many theories as to what the story could be, and some of them could be pretty close to correct. The finer details are still left up to the storyteller, and who knows what could end up happening…

Listen to 025 on Spotify below, and pick it up on iTunes here.