Adventure was released in April of this year, and we still haven’t been able to put it down.

Following incredible singles all throughout 2013 and 2014, Hugo Leclercq, known as Madeon, released his debut album this year and put to rest any doubts in our mind that he is the next prodigal producer in electronic music. Via a series of increasingly complex and melodious singles on the album, Madeon was able to play with the emotions of listeners as if they were putty in his hands, bringing us up to the heights of ecstasy and down to the lows of melancholy.

The album was also special for the artists it featured, including many well-known vocalists from world-renowned groups such as Passion Pit, Foster The People and Bastille. Other like Kyan, Aquilo and even Hugo himself round out the list of vocalists, bringing a distinctly human and vulnerable element to the album that is hard to reproduce in a purely electronic medium.

It’s often difficult for electronic producers to create a true album of material, as opposed to a collection of songs all strung together, but Madeon made it seem effortless. His unique approach to French house and pop music allowed him to be completely free in his creativity, and it shines through each and every track.

As such, Madeon’s Adventure is our #2 Album Of The Year.

Our #1 album of 2015 will be revealed on Monday, the 28th, along with the rest of our Top 10, and other favorite albums from the past year.

If you’d like to read our full album review of Adventure from April, you can find it here.