You know that organ quivering sensation you get from a proper theatrical sound system? That’s the power of Dolby Atmos at work. Now, thanks to Samsung, you can bring that same sensory experience into your home.

The magic of an Atmos system comes from upward-directed or ceiling-mounted speakers, which provide the sensation of sound raining down from the sky. Usually, to get this caliber of audio, you’ll need a clunky setup involving too many speakers, wires, and mounts to really justify the endeavor. Which is exactly why soundbars have seen such a rise in popularity with their sleek, easy-to-use design. Instead of independently mounted speakers, a soundbar shoots ‘beams’ of sound around the room to bounce off walls and into your ears, providing a surround-style experience without the quarrels. But Samsung’s HW-K950 is setting a new standard, combining hefty, cinematic audio with the simplicity of a soundbar.


Incredibly, the Samsung HW-K950 delivers a 5.1.4 Dolby Atmos experience utilizing only four components. The Atmos effect is accomplished by four upward-firing sound beams, two of which reside in the soundbar, and the other two are independent rear speakers. Five sound beams emit from the soundbar and rear speakers to complete the surround element, and the all important bass is provided by a subwoofer, all of which are wirelessly connected to the soundbar control module for a pain-free setup. While the two rear speakers make this system more than just a standard soundbar/subwoofer setup, it’s certainly worth it if you can find the space. Set for release sometime this year, Samsung has not yet released pricing details for the HW-K950, but more info will be revealed later in the week.


H/T The Verge