With the new year upon us, 2016 has already been churning out a ton of new sounds and artists looking to take on the dance music realm. Launching a fresh project can be a daunting task but with quality production added to the equation, watching a career develop from the start can be a rewarding experience. Bryant Knight’s latest  releases “After Dark” and “Clear Path”, definitely turned my ears upon hearing these chill vibes.

Bryant Knight_After Dark

“After Dark” really brings a mellow atmosphere to this tune. Utilizing a relaxed downtempo beat and superb use of percussive panning, this chill trap tune really gets into your head, providing a soothing melody in a scene primarily focused on the “jump up” aspect of music. Definitely a great chill track for a chill setting.

Bryant Knight_Clear Path

Its tunes like “Clear Path” that can give an audience a really clear idea of what this artist’s sound is represented by. The chill trap vibe is expanded upon with “Clear Path” and the pleasing piano line really brings everything together. Definitely excited to see where this project is going next! Both “Clear Path” and “After Dark” are available for free download!