Ukraine’s Max Freegrant recently released a stellar progressive remix of “Connection Made,” an Eagle I Stallian track that was easily one of my favorite trance releases of 2015. The remix maintains the same laid-back feel as the original, while still offering the listener a completely new experience.

The track starts off with some running synth plucks, which are somewhat reminiscent of sounds deadmau5 would use. A lengthy interlude introduces some remarkable piano work, a perfect accompaniment to Brandon Mignacca’s stunning vocals. Like the original mix, Max Freegrant’s remix utilizes extremely simple drums, which are used for nothing more than maintaining the beat of the song. This allows the listener to really focus on the melodic aspects which are the real stars of the track. These elements are mixed together flawlessly to create a very relaxed atmosphere that tastefully pays homage to Eagle I Stallian’s original.

Stream the track below and click HERE to purchase!