Legendary trance vocalist Betsie Larkin has been the voice behind some of the biggest anthems of the genre, like “Safe Inside You” with Armin Van Buuren and “Not Coming Down” with Ferry Corsten. Her vocal consistency has also made her a name people flock to, so when she made the transition to DJing and producing, her fans faithfully followed. Her latest single “We Are The Sound” proves that Betsie is much more than a vocalist. While it’s not the signature uplifting trance that traditionally accompanies her, that’s not to say this track doesn’t pack a punch, because it does. “We Are The Sound” still soars as a trance track, with a big melodic drop that does well to compliment Larkin’s voice.

Listen to the track in full below, and be sure to pick up a copy in stores this Friday, with remixes from Futuristic Polar Bears, Jason Kohlmann, and Bobina.

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