It seems “EDM” is getting a makeover, this time in the form of a food truck of all things. A man by the name of Philip Fazioli wants to launch a new food truck that will visit major cities, parks, colleges, and concerts, serving up some homemade snacks and rave gear, all while playing music and dancing the night away. Dubbed “Electronic Dance Munchies,” this food truck is now asking for your help to take off.

Fazioli has a number of plans for ‘EDM’, including solar panels to power the truck, cooking up everything from small snacks to on-the-go meals, and of course, traveling across the country. He’s created a Kickstarter page with the goal of raising $11,000 to cover the costs of getting EDM on the road, including a number of health inspections and acquiring the necessary permits and licenses to operate a food truck.

Check out the page through the link above and donate so you can eat well at your next rave!