Re-visiting their acclaimed single “Good To Be Loved,” M-22 has called upon Chris Lake for an intelligent redesign of the BBC Radio 1 Anthem of the Week.

A skittering house thumper, Chris Lake’s interpretation sports a healthy dose of house with elements of R&B to sew the track together. Lingering chords slide into each other as rhythmic snaps and a subtle low-end introduce the atmosphere before breaking into an encompassing hook. Effortlessly twisting M-22’s original mix into a deeper tinge, Lake’s iconic keyboard progressions merge beautifully with the track’s club-ready bassline. Chris Lake’s “Good To Be Loved” remix will become available January 29th courtesy of Refune.

We also had the chance to catch up with M-22 about their career as independent artists. Read on below to hear their thoughts on production, musical freedom, and what they’re up to next.

Describe the freedom that comes with producing for yourselves versus writing pop material for other artists.

“Producing and writing for our own music project is what we have always wanted to do. We can be creative and play with sounds , change chords , change lyrics always knowing the tracks are being made for our own name. We then play a huge part in the process of deciding what we release which ultimately is what you want when you believe in a track so much.”

“Inspiration” is a certified anthem and “Good To Be Loved” saw monumental success as a first original, what were the ideas behind the tracks?

“We are glad that you call them anthems! Our ideas normally start with a basic production idea and then we write melodies and lyrics. The piano chords  in “Good To Be Loved’ were instantly catchy, bold and meaningful and we needed the lyrics to reflect that. The hook “I know it feels so good to be loved, feels so good to be loved by you’  is so universal, as soon as we wrote it we knew it was the perfect match. Inspiration again comes from that feeling everyone can relate to – having someone special in your life that you look up to and who inspires you. We want the crowd and our fans to feel united when singing and listening to our music.”

I can definitely hear some late 80s/90s influence on the synths, what are some musical influences between the two of you?

“We love that era so you will always hear those musical influences from the 80/90s in our tracks. French house music & artists like Daft Punk , Ax & Seb , Calvin Harris , Chris Lake all have a great sound. In general we listen to music from all around the globe so that are tracks are diverse, and move with the times, but they will always have the M-22 signature sounds too.”

How did the official remixes come to be? Did the artists approach you?

“All of the remixes came from being approached by either their management, the artists themselves or the labels. Its been a honour to remix for so many great artists already and we look forward to more big remixes this year!”

Are you both shower singers? Have you ever been hit with inspiration at a rather interesting time?

“Oh! I (Matt) am definitely partial to singing in the shower especially free-styling some new melodies, and I have definitely heard Frank singing some of the classics!! We wrote a song together whilst we were on our way to a gig in Zurich on the plane , people thought we were crazy but lets see what you guys think when you hear it soon.”

You’ve already made a solid introduction in Europe, do you have any plans to conquer North America in 2016?

“The response so far in Europe has been great, its opened so many doors for us. Our sights our set on North America and beyond for sure. We believe in our music and we know we have a long successful career ahead, we are very excited for you to hear our new single coming soon!”