Comprised of Mike Scimeca and Steve Georgilis, Oneduo has been churning crowds with progressive inspired anthems since they first stormed New York in 2012. Their latest offering, “Silence,” is only further affirmation of the power behind brilliantly executed, tried-and-true electro.

Beginning with the soothing repetition of a panned-out toll, hollowed filters lend a hand in ushering the arrangement toward a proper introduction. Rather quickly, “Silence” turns into a beautifully composed melody, contradicting its namesake with the topline’s bursting electro. However, silence doesn’t necessarily mean stillness. There’s something about this particular progression, the crisp succession of notes, that invokes a sense of valiant movement. Calculated low-end complements the entire production, and a bent synth pad plays over a classic rock-styled percussion, torquing the bridge into a memorable seam between breakdowns.

While “Silence” has already been picked up as a feature on Nicky Romero’s Protocol Radio, the track will be Oneduo’s final endeavor into the European sounds of electro. For 2016, they will be debuting a new style they’ve been developing over the year. So stay tuned for fresh Oneduo material, grab “Silence” as a free download, and be sure to throw some love on their socials.