A video of vocalist has just surfaced on Twitter, unveiling a very short preview of an upcoming collaboration with Diplo and Skrillex‘s supergroup, Jack Ü. Following a mysterious video released in October of last year, supposedly a hint at a separate track with Diplo called “Kamikaze,” it appears MØ has put in more studio time with the boys than we thought.

The new track, “Ü Know,” features a strumming acoustic guitar below bold sweeps of violin and a simplistic percussion section so far, but sounds nowhere near finished. Also, the violin seems like this track’s equivalent of the main flute-like melody from “Where Are Ü Now,” and even follows an extremely familiar note pattern. Its presence in the song makes me think that the overall vibe will turn out very similar to the previously mentioned track, but with MØ vocals instead of Bieber’s. However, these are all just predictions.

Regardless, no matter what the finished product listens like, we’re sure it’ll make just as big of an impact on the scene as Jack Ü’s previous work. Listen to the clip below.