Trap music basically became a worldwide phenomenon in 2015, and I expect nothing but continued prosperity for the ear-crippling genre. With versatile, unique artists such as ATLiens and QUIX in the game, it’s hard to argue that trap won’t continue to flourish, and this remix of Jackal’sCarbomb” is perfect proof.

The track opens up with an ominous muffled riser, menacingly creeping in as it gradually builds up to the verse. Suddenly, crisp snares and modulated vocals come to greet you, creating a state of immense anticipation even before the build. A distorted drop synth rolls in with the quintessential trap claps, giving you a short preview of the utter chaos that’s about to erupt. The sub-bass hits, and you have a short moment to gasp before a descending growl brings mayhem to your speakers.

While the second verse fashions a similar vibe to the first, the subsequent drop presents an additional synth – and a slight variation to the screeching melody – which I think is best left as a surprise. Listen to the track below, and maybe think about calling a professional afterwards to check on your speakers.

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