In March 2011, hip-hop and music as a whole lost one of its most unique voices. Rapper and singer Nate Dogg died after complications from multiple strokes, and many musicians continue to pay their respects by remixing his tracks. One such remix garnered considerable attention; SNBRN‘s remix of Nate Dogg’s collaboration with 50 Cent, “21 Questions,” received over 5 million streams across all platforms. For SNBRN’s newest single, he featured the seemingly impossible: an unreleased acapella from Nate Dogg himself.

SNBRN’s new single, titled “Gangsta Walk” after the original name of the acapella, marks the first time unreleased material from Nate Dogg has been granted for official use. Nate Dogg’s estate and Reach Music Publishing gave SNBRN full access to the acapella, and the Southern California-based producer created a track with a unique mix of summer house and hip-hop. Released on Ultra Records, “Gangsta Walk” opens a new chapter for the genre blending between EDM and hip-hop.

Listen to “Gangsta Walk” below: