Deadmau5’s style of testing out and revealing new music to his fans is unlike what is typically done in the dance music world. Instead of uploading a track in full and giving it a proper press release, Deadmau5 uploads clips of his ideas to Soundcloud and gets feedback from his fans before finalizing his projects. By uploading clips and live-streaming his studio sessions, fans are inherently part of the process when it comes to making new Deadmau5 music.

Now we have a glimpse at two new projects Deadmau5 has in the works, spawned from his new studioent_Hope_clk_thme and ent_open_Alice_02. 

The two new uploads are ambient, atmospheric and melodic rhythms that have an eerie and underwater feel to them, which is something we haven’t really seen from Zimmerman. While it is unconfirmed that these work-in-progress tracks will be part of a new Deadmau5 album, we can only hope that once finished, these tracks will be available for download in some way shape or form. Of course, it wouldn’t be deadmau5 without him spewing some negativity about the current state of music, and in the midst of these uploads, Zimmerman took it upon himself to dub 2015 a “really shitty year for electronic music.”

Anyway, check out the clips below: