Indoor skydiving is a fun new activity that has been sweeping the world for the past few years. Instead of flying high in a plane, a wind tunnel produces the same effect which has opened the door for an entirely new competition: Skydiving Freestyle.

Guillaume Boileau, a professional skydiver who also happens to produce electronic music, recently competed in a freestyle competition to show off both his skydiving skills and his musical prowess. For Guillaume’s entry, he did a 2-minute freestyle to music that he created himself.

Clearly a man of multiple talents, Guillaume dances around the wind tunnel with impeccable precision as a dazzled audience is mesmerized by his movements.

Afterwards, when talking about his performance with Skydive MagazineGuillaume explained how making his own music is a crucial part of how he wants to grow as both a musician and an athlete:

I play piano, but mostly the keyboard because this is the only instrument I have at my place. I’m a pretty good musician, plus I love to create my own beats with applications I have on my electronic tablet. So this is made for me. Here is where I’m at now. I would love to create my own free fly routine, in synch with the MUSIC I CREATED. This is such an exciting project for me, and I am 100% confident this is something I’ll be very proud of, and who knows, that might be a success for me.

Check out his performances below and try to not be amazed: