UK garage sounds have certainly seen a popular revival in the past twelve months, with new fans becoming accustomed to it’s gritty basslines through various adaptations from the likes of JAUZ, JOYRYDE & Ghastly. However, nothing can quite beat the raw, home-grown sound in it’s pure essence and that’s exactly what British producers Conducta & Notion have done with their latest two-tracker.

The Bristol natives have been sitting on this heater for almost 8 months now, teasing fans with a short preview on Soundcloud. Now we can rave to it’s full glory, with an additional B-side added for extended enjoyment. The title track is straight to the point with it’s rowdiness, warping a soulful vocal around wobbly synth work. “Vogue” offers something deeper yet still as destructive. Be sure to grab the “Felt This Way” EP on iTunes, and watch out for Conducta as he embarks on his US later this year.