Aiden Jude’s debut into electronic music was not met with the warmest of wishes. Many fans deemed his antics too orchestrated or fake for their tastes, while others just couldn’t be bothered to take notice of a 10-year-old talent. In the past year, he’s been working hard to sway public opinion and improve his production skills, as well; and we have to admit, it shows in this latest remix.

Jude throws his hat in for the Kap Slap & Gazzo remix contest for “Rewind,” giving it a tropical and progressive feel. It’s not the greatest thing we’ve ever heard, but then again, he’s only 12 years old.

We’re more interested in what he’s included with the remix though: a video production session, and the whole track uploaded on Splice, where you can see each stem, effect, etc. that he’s used for the remix. He’s definitely trying to prove himself here, especially against the naysayers accusing him of having a ghost producer.

So what do you think? Love it? Hate it? Or do you just not care? We want to hear your responses in the poll below, so fill it out if you’ve got a second.