You finally worked out the perfect arrangement, wrote the best lyrics of your life, and now you just need to comp some studio time to wrap up that bomb of a track. Look no further than Exactly how Airbnb helps travelers find unique lodging at affordable rates, lets musicians lock in quality time with the perfect studio.

The service caters to numerous music hubs like Los Angeles, Miami, Nashville, New York City, Paris, Berlin, London, and Tokyo, and there’s a slew of options to help you find the perfect spot. Need an audio engineer on hand? Done. Trying to save money and you’re down with working in a home studio? Here’s 47 to choose from. Seriously, if you’re a musician and need access to a recording space, equipment, and/or professional expertise, is the cat’s pajamas. There are pictures, room descriptions, equipment details, user reviews, and more to help settle on exactly what you’re looking for. Have a look through Studiotime’s listings and see what’s available near you.


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