Facebook‘s event pages may soon witness a new feature that will surely change the game for concert goers and festival attendees of all kinds: ride-sharing. News recently broke of the platform publishing a patent that outlines the ways in which event goers could natively set up a carpool between themselves. Using a complex algorithm to best match potential riders based on their mutual friends, places of education, music preferences and more, Facebook intends to make the rides themselves as smooth and comfortable as possible between potential strangers.

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First filed in July of 2014, the patent will supposedly add the option of clicking “Going and driving” and “Going but not driving” to the Event pages. After drivers input the number of seats they’ll have available, they will receive a personalized route to take which can be accessed through the Map app. if you are driving to the event but wish to go alone, you’ll have the option to select “0 seats available.” Screen Shot 2016-02-01 at 10.06.58 PM

Even though Facebook has already established a way to hail an Uber from the site, this new method will provide a much more personal and integrated option for saving money. Although we can’t yet tell when these updates will be implemented, you can view Facebook’s patent in full here.
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Source: Bidness ETC | Images: The Daily Mail