Skrillex has had a tremendous 2016 already. With three collaborations and a remix or two under his belt, and more originals and a new Jack U release on the way, there’s no doubt that Skrillex will retain his spot at the upper echelons of the dance music world.

That doubt is decreased even further when you consider that he’s collaborating with one of the hottest anonymous producers around right now, Marshmello. Though we’ve said that he’s popular enough already to do away with the mask, it’s no doubt still contributing to his meteoric rise, and Skrillex is all about it, having signed the up-and-comer. The two were in downtown Los Angeles in the studio, according to Skrillex’s Snapchat, and they have a pretty dope collaboration on the way.

Release date unknown, but keep your ears open at festivals because you’ll likely be hearing this a lot.


Photo credit: Daniel Malikyar Photography | Video rips courtesy of /u/brmmr