“Down In The DM” by Yo Gotti just got a couple of very interesting, and very different remixes.

The first is from Chicago producer Gianni Blu. Employing more of a traditional trap style with rolling hi hats and Carnage-esque screeches (and some rather unnecessary wubs, in my opinion), Gianni makes a veritable banger out of the original.

And on the other hand, we have the debut track from a new project called ¥ntendo (pronounced “yentendo”). There’s no information on ¥ntendo whatsoever – nothing on the Soundcloud profile, and a barren Facebook page. What we do know is that the project is out the gate at full sprint.

Though this track is also technically in the trap realm, its sound design and creativity is miles ahead of Gianni Blu. Off beat rhythms and a fresh vocal cover set this project apart from most, but we’ll still have to see where they go from here. I have hope, though.