Who would have guessed that Miami senator and presidential hopeful Marco Rubio was a huge west coast rap fan? Rubio has said that he has a huge penchant for Tupac and NWA, but that having “10-year-olds in the car” makes it harder and harder to listen to. So what has he opted for instead? Electronic dance music, namely Calvin Harris and Avicii.

“Over the last couple years, I’ve gotten really interested into electronic dance music. So, Avicii, Calvin Harris… I just like it because the lyrics are clean, so I can listen to it in front of my kids and not worry about it.”

Rubio has gotten into hot water before when he got a cease & desist letter from Axwell, stipulating that he couldn’t play his and Sebastian Ingrosso’s track “Something New” at events.

“Electronic dance music — I’m a fan of,” he said. “We just can’t play it cause none of the DJ guys — they all send us letters, ‘Don’t play my music. I’m Swedish. I don’t care about American politics.’”

As much as we’d love to hear “Straight Outta Compton” or “How Deep Is Your Love” on the campaign trail, we think it’s best to leave the DJing up to the actual DJs.


via WPTZ