Eric Prydz has been blowing minds the last few days with his impressive new stage for the EPIC 4.0 tour, and this fan video of his Daft Punk tribute is just… excuse us while we weep tears of joy.

For those of us who never got to see Daft Punk on their Alive tour, we’ll never quite abate that gut feeling of missing out on one of dance music’s most important events. It’s historic, and it’s damned near godlike in the lore of dance culture. So for someone as prominent as Eric Prydz to give fans a treat so authentic, we can hardly help but to stumble in awe.

Something like this could only be possible with his new stage design, and if you look at how the EPIC 4.0 cube is oriented towards the crowd, it’s in a perfect position to revive the Daft Punk Alive pyramid. Hell, the legendary Frenchmen are even included in the display, and you can see them moving around in their digital booth. Do not miss your chance to see Prydz on the EPIC 4.0 tour. Watch the video below from Prydz’s performance at the Hollywood Palladium last night, and more details can be found here.

The magic begins around the 1:50 mark.


Posted by Festival Moments on Saturday, February 20, 2016


H/T EDMtunes