Last Friday, we received yet another shining bass music gem from Saturate! Records. This time it was in the form of the debut Ep from the much beloved and celebrated Pleasure; an emerging, yet well known artist from the underground bass music communities incredibly talented, and ever expanding pool of musicians. Coming to us live and direct from Norther Cali, Pleasure’s debut Ep absolutely nails what we love about this weird and wonderful style of party music that’s sexploded out of our state and across the globe in the past few years.

“Reset” has pretty much everything a basshead could expect from a nasty new Saturate! release, and then some. It’s gritty, its heavy, it’s weird, it’s unexpected, it’s bassy as f*ck; and it’s absolutely loaded with remixes and collabs featuring some of our favorites likeĀ Starkey & Stylust Beats. If you didn’t know Pleasure before, this Ep is definitely going to make you want to keep a close eye on him from here on out. So stop sleepin’! Grab it below!!